they could just tell i wasn’t myself and asked how i was, i didn’t tell them what happened but i did say that i just wasn’t in a very good mood. i said i was mad and sad at myself, they didn’t pry. they just asked if they could do anything, and said that it hurt them to see that i was upset. i have this anxiety bubble in my chest that makes me feel like i’m going to cry/ throw up. i was legit shaking on the bus today. but you know what, working kind of helped me get over it…and nothing is wrong now so why should anything be wrong in the near future. 

ALSO, on the bus today these little girls were staring at me and pointing at me while i had my headphones in, then one started saying something to me. so i took my headphones out and they said i looked like some girl on tv and that i was very pretty. made my day :)

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